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Our law firm handles Defense Base Act claims for workers injured overseas including but not limited to those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other parts of the world.

Defense Base Act Attorneys

 Our law firm handles Defense Base Act claims for workers injured overseas including but not limited to those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other parts of the world.  These civilian employees were hired by companies in the United States to work on military bases, in public works for the government and other issues related to national defense.  All types of workers are covered under the Defense Base Act including but not limited to security guards, support personnel and drivers. Unfortunately, in a typical day, especially in a war zone, employees get injured and require the attention of medics in those countries.  Oftentimes the injured worker is sent to their home country in order to obtain medical attention. 

Our firm can assist in attempting to secure medical care for the injured worker and payment of compensation benefits while unable to work or when suffering a wage/earnings loss compared to what the worker was earning prior to his/her date of accident.    

We have grown in the years since our law firm’s founding. We have seven attorneys and many staff members ready and able to assist you in the handling of your claim.  Our attorneys have a combined experience in representing injured workers of more than 100 years.  Our commitment to our clients always remains the same.  We give each and every one of clients the personal attention they deserve. 

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We have the resources of a large firm, but we offer personal attention to all of our clients during the legal process. Our firm is dedicated to making things easier for you. We understand that legal issues can arise at any time and you may need to ask our attorneys questions. Therefore, unlike most law firms, we maintain an open door policy: You may call us at any time day or night to speak directly with an attorney about your concerns. For the same reason, our attorneys are willing to meet with clients at their homes or in hospitals.

All our consultations are confidential and free of charge. Our lawyers at our law offices can speak with you about your concerns in Spanish and Creole, in addition to English. If you or a loved one have been injured while working overseas on a U.S. military base or working under a U.S. government contract, contact us toll free at 877-448-8585 or via our online contact form.

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Helping Contractors Injured in Iraq Seek DBA Compensation

Countless civilian contract personnel have been injured in Iraq due to the perils of the job and the environment in which it takes place. You may be wondering if yours qualifies as a DBA injury, and if so, how you might file a claim. Friedman, Rodman & Frank, P.A. helps clients in Iraq and overseas navigate DBA cases involving bases and other areas of operation.

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Helping Civilian Workers Injured in Afghanistan Secure DBA Assistance

There are a number of circumstances that have caused civilian contract personnel to be injured in Afghanistan, but all of them can be similarly overwhelming when it comes to filing a DBA injury claim. Even though a contractor who is working on a military base overseas is entitled to certain protections granted by the Defense Base Act, advocating for yourself and ensuring these rights are honored can be a difficult task.

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If You Were Injured in Japan You May Be Entitled to DBA Compensation

There are many longshore and harbor workers who have been injured in Japan in a variety of circumstances. A DBA injury is a serious matter, and any civilian contract personnel who have sustained such an accident should be afforded the medical care and resources they need. Too often, however, injured contractors are expected to file their claim and navigate the system on their own. This would be a difficult task to require of anybody, but it is even more stressful for a recently hurt person.

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Helping Civilian Contract Personnel Injured in Qatar

Civilian contract personnel who are injured in Qatar are entitled to medical treatment and several other rights that are outlined in the Defense Base Act. Verifying that an incident qualifies as a DBA injury, however, requires that you file a claim and go through a review process. This is not ideal for any contractor who is on the job in Qatar, and it pushes many injured longshore and harbor workers to become frustrated with the process.

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Helping Contractors Injured in Cuba File for DBA Coverage

Cuba tends to be perceived as a mysterious place, but it isn’t at all for the United States military. Armed forces have occupied Guantanamo Bay Naval Base since 2002, and many civilian contract personnel have been injured in Cuba since then. If you are one of these contractors, you might be wondering whether your affliction qualifies as a DBA injury. Overseas longshore harbor workers may be best served by contacting an attorney…

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Helping Injured Workers in Guam Pursue DBA Benefits

Sustaining a DBA injury in Guam is traumatic in and of itself, but when civilian contract personnel must then go through the complex claim filing system, it can compound the stress and make anyone feel lost. Friedman, Rodman & Frank, P.A. is committed to serving contractor clients who have been injured in Guam by fighting for their rights, ensuring they receive proper medical care and providing assistance throughout the process of DBA claims.

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Helping Injured Civilian Contractors Serving in Kuwait Receive DBA Care

Much of the United States’ presence in Kuwait is dedicated to maintaining air forces in the area. These places house countless military aircrafts, and as such, require contractor visits on a regular basis for maintenance, repair and cleaning. When jobs such as these result in a DBA injury, the next step may not always be clear. Being injured in Kuwait will bring up many questions for any repair person or harbor workers who are on the job overseas.

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Helping Injured Civilian Workers Receive DBA Protection in Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is one of the few international military bases in which civilian contract personnel outnumber actual service members. The high number of contract workers means that reports of being injured in Diego Garcia are not uncommon. Accidents that occur on the Diego Garcia military base should count as a DBA injury and therefore qualify longshore and harbor workers for the benefits outlined in the Defense Base Act.

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Assisting Injured Contractors in Haiti With Filing for DBA Protection

Suffering a DBA injury in Haiti is a stressful situation, to say the least. It is bad enough to be hurt, but it is even worse when you are in a foreign country and must attempt to navigate the bureaucracy of filing a Defense Base Act claim. The latter of these issues, however, is one that can be easily remedied by enlisting help from a legal professional. Friedman, Rodman & Frank, P.A. can provide the legal representation…

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