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Helping Injured Workers in Guam Pursue DBA Benefits

Sustaining a DBA injury in Guam is traumatic in and of itself, but when civilian contract personnel must then go through the complex claim filing system, it can compound the stress and make anyone feel lost. Friedman, Rodman & Frank, P.A.  is committed to serving contractor clients who have been injured in Guam by fighting for their rights, ensuring they receive proper medical care and providing assistance throughout the process of DBA claims. Longshore and harbor workers who have been injured overseas face a unique set of challenges, including:

  • Lack of access to medical care
  • Possible language barriers
  • Stress created by the situation
  • False advice given regarding process

An attorney who is dedicated to serving you and helping you overcome the injury can combat each of these problems. With a legal professional on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your interests are advocated for and you have access to experienced guidance throughout the DBA claims process.

Representing Civilian Contractors in Piti, Yigo and Beyond

Many people are unaware of the military presence that the United States maintains in Guam, but there are several bases on the island that soldiers and civilian contract personnel work at on a daily basis. Members of the latter of these populations are particularly vulnerable if they are injured in Guam. Navigating the process of filing a DBA claim and verifying the injury can seem like an insurmountable task when you are also dealing with the hurt that has been inflicted. Friedman, Rodman & Frank, P.A. offers representation those who have suffered a DBA injury in Kuwait, Piti, Yigo or Guam. Our firm strives to serve clients throughout international bases, so if you are in this situation, please call us at 877-448-8585.